My Experience with a Husky

I saw a post by a Husky Rescue that they can’t keep up with the demands for helping abandoned huskies, and it made me want to write a post.


This is Bruce, he came to me as a malnourished, tiny puppy that was most-likely too young to be away from his mother. He costs hundreds in vet bills when we first got him. I got him because I’ve always wanted a husky since I was a kid. As everyone else, my first reason behind getting a husky was: they’re pretty. I want a pretty dog. 

He turned out to be the hardest dog that I’ve ever gotten, but I wouldn’t change him for the world. 

Walks aren’t just walks. They’re the sweat your armpits off one-to-two hour marches every-single-day, yes – even after you’ve done a hard days work or you want an hour or two extra in bed to sooth you’re weary bones. Like everything else, you got to put in the hours. 

The hairs. They’re not messing when they talk about husky shedding. My husky is a house dog, yes- who the hell has a husky as a house dog? Me. When we’re in shedding season, there’s a brand new white carpet on the stairs and running throughout the house every-single-morning. Get use to hovering being a morning activity, you’re going to be best friends with your hover. 

One day, he’ll bring you a little present and it most likely will happen. We have gotten one cat and one bird. You can try your best to think around it, to put out all precautions, but most likely it’s going to happen. Just a warning.

If you’re doing research before getting the breed, take everything with a pinch of salt. Not all huskies are going to be the perfect breed.

Huskies are supposed to be friendly dogs- not in my experience. Bruce is weary of strangers and other people that aren’t family, he won’t run up to them tail-wagging about the take off. He’ll creep in to suss them out, giving them a look that scares most people. Then looks at me as if to ask, ‘are they good?’

IMG_1831.jpgHe also dislikes my dad and my dad is convinced he’s ’not a nice dog’. Doesn’t matter what my dad asks him to do or what he calls him for. Bruce will look at him, then turn to me as if to say ‘what the hell does he think he’s doing?”

He isn’t the snuggliest and friendliest dogs when it comes to other people. But he’s my snuggle buddy, he’s my furry alarm clock who wants rubs all the time that end up with me having a dead arm.

I mean just look at him?