My July/August TBR Pile

I went years without finishing a single book, well I probably did finish book, but books weren’t anywhere near my thoughts throughout the last few years.

I bought Angelfall in June 2015 and still hadn’t completed it in June 2016- let’s just say I recently demolished it in one sitting.

I also made a Goodreads account in June 2015, and I’ve only written 7 reviews. 3 of those were written in 2016…. yea, it was bad. I forgot about the giddiness and excitement of starting a new book, especially a new series and even when I don’t like book one I still continue on just to find out what happens.

Here’s my TBR pile:


I’m trying to stay around 20 books and only allow myself to buy a new book when I finish one of these. But, even right now, I’m waiting for another 2 books [the last 2 in the Penryn and End of Days Series.]

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Harry reading everyone!!!