Day 2 – Red Light District

Our Offices!!! Such a cool building, right?

the lovely view out our window…

The living room.

My bedroom!! The table with the blue bag on it is where I’m sitting typing this up! So cute!

It’s the second day in Amsterdam. The first day in work.

The first day of work, and we didn’t do anything. It was more of getting to know everyone and improv. The same kind of things I did in acting classes back in Ireland. Still felt completely awkward, but it was fun.

Two of the guys already bought hash, they only lasted a few hours in the city before we went walking and stumbled into a Hash Bar, where they bought €25 worth of it. I didn’t try any!! Haven’t tried any type of drug ever, so I’ll see how it goes…

At the end of the work day we went to the Volgrant Park, where we had a picnic with the girls who run Illuminata [the company who’s training us] and ourselves. Really sweet.

We went to the Red Light District though! And, sadly, it was such a bummer. It was soo tiny!! We walked around for a bit and then we headed to bar, had a drink and then one of the guys and I left to walk around a bit more. I went to the Red Light District, and guess what I bough? You’d think some raunchy sex garment or toy, right? Nope….my first ever box of macaroons!! So nice! I’m in love with them.

Some cool artwork we saw while walking around… Pretty neat, huh?

did get slightly home-sick this morning. ALREADY!!! Probably because I miss my dog waking me up or just rolling over and seeing him lying on the ground. I miss Bruce something terrible, I didn’t think I was going to be so bad. My sis is sending me pics this morning of him on his bed. She’s also going on her honeymoon tomorrow morning. She was the worst to say goodbye to, because I’m not going to see her for at least another year!! 🙁

But the good part though is that we have WIFI in the apartment and the offices, so I can text and send photos to everyone without paying a penny!! I’m an hour behind home so when I get up at 8, my mam is up at 7, and when it’s midnight here, my dad is on lunch on his night-time job. So it works out pretty well.