2017 – The Year of Yes

2017 didn’t get off on a good footing, so bad with my anxiety that I ended up in church for the first time in 1.5 years. I’m all good now though.

This year is the year of ‘YES’. Yes to meeting people, yes to walking the dog, yes to job hunting…whatever it’s going to be yes.

So far, it’s going good after saying yes to every meeting or group gathering so far, I’m upbeat and giddy again- I haven’t been like this in well over a year. I’m happy to see everyone and happy about every day joys.

I’ve sent my book off to a competition and rewrote the query letter for said book. I’m going to get around to more agents/publishers at the weekend and I’m loving it more ever single time I work on it [so much better than last year when it was struggle to even look at it most days]

The goals for 2017 are:

Acting/Modelling. I may be shit at one or both of these but I dipped my toes in both a few years back and I want to do get back into it again.

New job. Obviously. Waiting to hear back from an interview I had before Christmas, so I’m hoping it’s good news.

Read more. I still haven’t started this for 2017, between the rocky start and everyday meetings of all the ‘yes’ that I keep saying it has not happened. But I’m staying in tomorrow night [well, right now….oh shit, no I’m not] okay… I’m going to start over the weekend when I get the chance.

Health – I want to go at least go 2 days-a-week without coffee. This has been made harder because my family bought my a capsule coffee machine. Going to lost a few more pounds and I’m happy, my main focus isn’t about losing weight any more, but rather just eat healthy.

Find Love. I’ve already started this, but other came from it. I went on a date last Friday but I haven’t heard from them and that’s fine. Just going to keep trying.

Travelling. Well, the plans is to go to Australia to my sister to help her home with her adorable new son. I’m dying to get over to them, everything is just baby…baby everything. I’ve even gone to town for myself and end up looking at baby clothes for hours.

Saving. I want to buy a car and start driving. I want to go on hikes at the weekends and just hop in my little car and drive anywhere. But I do I want a 1967 Mustang- so a lot of saving to do.

Writing Yes, the beginning of 2017 writing has come to a standstill. I nearly made it to 100k words for 2016, but 2017 I’m going to try and complete at least 4 drafts of some work in progresses that have been sitting untouched for a while. I’ve already sent off another manuscript into writing competitions and spending the weekend sending to publishers and agents.

So, to everyone reading this, Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a fantastic 2017 and that you achieve all your goals and all your wishes come true.

A Weekend of Editing

So, I never thought that editing this stupid book would be so hard. Finding the time is the hardest part. I know- I know. The whole: If you love something, you’ll find the time for it. It’s all about priority. 

Okay, so yea I could wake up extra early or go to bed an hour later, but you don’t think like that when you’re either cozy and warm or dead on your feet.

Then, there’s the whole day-to-day crap I got to do that means my morning is gone and a chunk of my evening is gone too. That leaves me a few three-odd hours in the middle somewhere that are free if I don’t get caught up with something else.

I just…I just never found finding the time to work on my books this hard before. I used to be able plonk myself down and not move for two-to-three hours straight. Where the hell is that writer gone to?? I want her back! She was awesome.

19th – 21st August Writing Aims

I’m going to get these stupid chapters edited. Aiming to be at chapter 5 by Monday. I’m not even planning on working on other works. Just to see how focusing all my energy will work out.


Writing Weekend – June 15th – 17th


Camp hasn’t really happened for me. I only have myself to blame though. I’ve stopped forcing myself to sit down to write anymore. But this weekend, writing is coming before everything else. No excuses.

I’m not going to aim for anything, I’ve already started to plan for 10 – 15k words, but I think I’ll be better if I just take it hour-by-hour. See if that works. I was going to do a 1ok day, but I haven’t done one in years and I more-than-likely I’d barely crack 2k before giving up.

So, hour-by-hour is what I’m going to do. I have a spot at the kitchen table with my pens, notebooks and Filofax. I may have to knock off the internet too- Pinterest is a total time-waster at the moment and the perfect site to procrastinate on.

Starting Camp Word Count: 3,590 [yep…it’s that bad]



Writing Weekend Plans [27th November 2015]

This weekend I don’t have a huge writing plan – 11,500 words.

Spending the whole day of Saturday writing. Going to go for a morning walk at 9 – 10 to get the blood pumping.

This is the writing goals for each day:

Friday : 5,000 [this is going to be the hardest, and most likely I won’t get it written – with work, shopping and whatever that happens on Friday night]

Saturday : 5,000 words.

Sunday : 2,500

That is my weekend. I failed Nanowrimo terribly this year and if I write this much over the weekend I’ll make it just to 25k.

The is trying to pace myself before 2016 starts, when I’ll be writing 6 novels over the year.



Nanowrimo – Day 16 : 11,657

I made little to no progress this week. A grand total of: 3.100


I know everyone complains about not having the time, but I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME. I have barely an hour to myself at night which is usually taken up by the dog. I know it’s very unlikely that I’m going to reach the 50k now, with work and whatnot, but the good thing is that it’s gotten me back in the habit of writing every single day and putting my progress down.

I logged back onto the Yearly Nanowrimo, and I’ve signed back up to the Pacemaker progress charts. Spent my morning making charts for December [aiming for 30k], and I’ve also made a 250,000 and a 500,000 progress chart for 2016. I’m aiming big for next year.

I’m just going to keep writing every day for the remainder of November, I’m not focused on the 50,000 words goal anymore, and I don’t think I’m going to try Nanowrimo again. I’ve never completed it, and even if I got close to finishing I ALWAYS end up dumping whatever I write.

I’m going to put up a section for all my writing progress throughout 2016. There’s going to be sections per-month, and also overall of a month, along with writing achievements- such as finishing a novel or writing 30,000 in a weekend.

2016 is not about the overall word count, it’s about writing and treating my writing life as important than every other aspect of my life. I need to stop putting it on the back burner for everything else and put it in directly in the centre.

2016 is the year that I complete all my WIPs and stop putting them off.

Halloween is the Deadline for Draft #2


I love writing, I love watching a world come to life, but editing is a whole different ballgame.

I hate it.

So, you have this world that you’ve built and all these characters. Now, as a writer, you have to go back and fix it all up so it’s as nice and as pleasing for a reader as possible. Nothing imaginative at all…

My mind keeps going to the other novels that have 5,000 – 10,000 words written and are all planned out. I really just want to work on them and make them come to life.

But, I made a deal to have this draft done before Halloween. Now, Halloween this year falls on a Saturday, so to show off my new draft to the person in question, I will have to print it off on Thursday and show it to him on Friday….knocking another two days off.

I think the only thing that may save me is the Bank Holiday Monday.

But, I’ve been at this for months and I’m still only only chapter 3, it’s not that I have a lot of work to do on it, just that I don’t want to do it or I’ll find better things to do with my time.

Someone just glue me to the chair.

Weekend Goals

Current Date&Time: Friday 5th June, 10:27am

It doesn’t help that I’m wound up about getting a job and my sister came home from Australia and I’ve been running around doing wedding-stuff with her every-single-day. But I take a step back and hopefully get out of going to the in-laws christening tomorrow because I don’t have any decent clothes and my hair isn’t done. Hopefully.

I’m really struggling to get these first 3 chapters edited to send off to publishers. I think it’s easily a month since I started, and I’m still at the beginning of chapter one. I want to finish editing them and, hopefully write anything between 5-10k over the next 3 days.

This weeks plans

To finish Book 1… I don’t know whats wrong with me, there’s 12,500 words between me and the end of this book, but I just keep putting it off or other things keep getting in the way.

I know I have to edit it as well when its sodding done, but I’ve written it completely already, then had to change it and now that I’m so close to finish take 2 of the same book, I feel like it’s just going to happen again, and I’m back to square one.

So, instead of actually writing, I’m editing or deleting scenes and I feel like I’m making a mess of it and new ideas aren’t coming that I end up leaving it or doing something that is so less stressful.

Come on Sarah!! It’s only 12,000 words.

I want to finish it, leave it for a bit, and start a new book before the week is out. I haven’t decided which novel of mine to pick up. There’s a few that I want to do.

Writing of 2014, Plans for 2015


So, I messed up on my word counting for the year and it’s somewhere around the 40-50k mark right now. It also get’s messy because I edited book one and didn’t keep track on what I did for it. So it may be either a lot more or a lot less. So, I’m just sticking to the 47k I have.

That’s a terrible number. Okay, yes I finally completed the book I’ve been working on for years which is a huge mile-stone, but next year I want everything to be different.

2015 – I’m going to complete 5 novels. I’ve started fixing up my graph and writing notes to myself on where to stop and finish and what dates I want to print off the books for editing. Jan and February are going to be for two of the books I’m working on now, February’s goal is to finish book 2, then the beginning of March I want to finish the other book. Then my mam is going to Australia in March, so I’ll take the peace and quiet to get started on a brand new book and have that completed by May. (I think it’s going to be easier because I have the ideas and chapter outlines for a handful of books already sorted and written out, I just need to find the time to write them).

Then I lose June and July to my sis’ wedding. So I’m just going to take the down-time to write my script and to keep writing novels, but without the word goals, and also editing the completed novels. I want to complete book 4 by September. Then take the winter months to finish off the following book in the series.

That’s the plan, but you know, they never happen as you liked them to. That’s why I’ve given myself those two months of free time, to either take a breather or to catch up with myself.