A Weekend of Editing

So, I never thought that editing this stupid book would be so hard. Finding the time is the hardest part. I know- I know. The whole: If you love something, you’ll find the time for it. It’s all about priority. 

Okay, so yea I could wake up extra early or go to bed an hour later, but you don’t think like that when you’re either cozy and warm or dead on your feet.

Then, there’s the whole day-to-day crap I got to do that means my morning is gone and a chunk of my evening is gone too. That leaves me a few three-odd hours in the middle somewhere that are free if I don’t get caught up with something else.

I just…I just never found finding the time to work on my books this hard before. I used to be able plonk myself down and not move for two-to-three hours straight. Where the hell is that writer gone to?? I want her back! She was awesome.

19th – 21st August Writing Aims

I’m going to get these stupid chapters edited. Aiming to be at chapter 5 by Monday. I’m not even planning on working on other works. Just to see how focusing all my energy will work out.


Writing Weekend – June 15th – 17th


Camp hasn’t really happened for me. I only have myself to blame though. I’ve stopped forcing myself to sit down to write anymore. But this weekend, writing is coming before everything else. No excuses.

I’m not going to aim for anything, I’ve already started to plan for 10 – 15k words, but I think I’ll be better if I just take it hour-by-hour. See if that works. I was going to do a 1ok day, but I haven’t done one in years and I more-than-likely I’d barely crack 2k before giving up.

So, hour-by-hour is what I’m going to do. I have a spot at the kitchen table with my pens, notebooks and Filofax. I may have to knock off the internet too- Pinterest is a total time-waster at the moment and the perfect site to procrastinate on.

Starting Camp Word Count: 3,590 [yep…it’s that bad]



Writing Update

It’s Friday evening, already on my second bottle of Coors Light.

I need to figure out my writing goals for tonight and the next two days. I haven’t written in weeks, easily over a month.

  • 10,000 written words – well, really it’s 9,500 words, but I just rounded it up to the nearest total. This is on two WIPs that I have and it’s just getting them to the next ten thousand words.
  • Edit 3 chapters – I want to edit chapter 4 – 6 of my completed novel and get it out to a select few of people to get feedback on it. I haven’t touched it in a while, so it should be interested.

Other News

I got another rejection letter, and I’m up to 7 rejections now, and going to try and do Camp Nanowrimo next month.


Sending out the chapters and writing weekend. 

Sent the first three chapters off to more publishers on Thursday, and I have to say that it gets easier.

I sent off to 4 agents/publishers, bringing the total amount now to 9.

This time around I didn’t get palpitations and didn’t break out into a cold sweat or even closed my eyes when hitting the send button. It was more of a ‘whatever, just send it off.’

Going to write 5-10k this weekend because I haven’t done any writing all monthly… Weirdly, because I’ve been so focuses still on editing this book. But I really need to get the words going on the other books to even be where I want to be. 

What is everyone else’s writing weekend looking like? Any big plans? 

Writing Weekend Plans [27th November 2015]

This weekend I don’t have a huge writing plan – 11,500 words.

Spending the whole day of Saturday writing. Going to go for a morning walk at 9 – 10 to get the blood pumping.

This is the writing goals for each day:

Friday : 5,000 [this is going to be the hardest, and most likely I won’t get it written – with work, shopping and whatever that happens on Friday night]

Saturday : 5,000 words.

Sunday : 2,500

That is my weekend. I failed Nanowrimo terribly this year and if I write this much over the weekend I’ll make it just to 25k.

The is trying to pace myself before 2016 starts, when I’ll be writing 6 novels over the year.




I love Fridays! They put me in such a good humour for the whole day, knowing that when I get home, I have the whole weekend off to do whatever I want!

My Weekend plans? 

I want to catch up on my writing, because of work my words slipped. I would love to write 15,000 words this weekend…5k a day, starting today? Seems doable.

Then there’s the little thing that has been running around my head for a bit, to start a video blog, something like an online diary with word counts, Nanowrimo and books in general. But I don’t know. Would you guys be interested in that? I may just keep this blog running for a bit more and see what happens in the next three 6 months.

Weekend Goals

Current Date&Time: Friday 5th June, 10:27am

It doesn’t help that I’m wound up about getting a job and my sister came home from Australia and I’ve been running around doing wedding-stuff with her every-single-day. But I take a step back and hopefully get out of going to the in-laws christening tomorrow because I don’t have any decent clothes and my hair isn’t done. Hopefully.

I’m really struggling to get these first 3 chapters edited to send off to publishers. I think it’s easily a month since I started, and I’m still at the beginning of chapter one. I want to finish editing them and, hopefully write anything between 5-10k over the next 3 days.

Writing Weekend [Jan 16th – 18th 2015]

I’m making no progress on my new novel whatsoever. I’m too preoccupied with scanning my mail and overthinking what the publishers are going to say when they finally do get back in touch. That I spend hours aimlessly searching for a job or just browsing the internet while the niggling apprehension sits in the pit of my stomach.

This weekend, writing is coming first on my to-do list. Just two days. I can do this; without having a panic-attack or worrying about random things that stop me from writing.

Starting Count: 7,170

End Goal: 20,000

I’ve picked this goal because it’s not too insane that it feels undoable. I’m may not sleep tonight so I can get a good head-start on it.  I remember the days where I could easily write 7-10k in one sitting, where is that motivation gone to?! I need it back!

Writers!!! If you want to write with me over the weekend,  follow me on twitter and drop me a tweet. We can stay connected by that. I would totally appreciate not feeling so alone in this.

Writing Weekend (5th – 7th December)

It’s Friday again.

Okay, so i follow this author on twitter and stalk her website and instagram. Just because I admire the fact that she’s a successful self-published writer. Well, one thing I found out is that she has these blocks of 20-hour writing sprees where she writes 12-20k of words. I know, it sounds mental, but I might give it a go. The thing that might get to me is the fact that I have to sit down for such a long amount of time, and my mind starts to wonder and I get jittery. But I’m going to give it a go.

Starting Count: 27,279

I wouldn’t even mind just being at 35,000 words at the end. I’d be happy with that.