I deleted my Facebook account over 2 months ago now, and I don’t miss it in the slightest. 

Without it, I don’t have that one useless thing to do every few hours (scroll around to see what everyone has been up to) and I no longer get sad about the fact that everyone seems to have a social life…except me. 

I don’t need to know that the girl from school- who I’ve never spoken to- has to do on her one Friday off this month. That childhood friend that I was physically inseparable from? I don’t need to see those cute photos of your son, and your lovely relationship with his father. 

I don’t need to see the hundreds of selfies or the fact that everyone but me seems to go on holidays. 

Life is so much better this way, you do not need to know what I had for dinner, or that I didn’t sleep last night, or that I met up for a coffee and lunch. And I don’t need to know that you’re running late for the plane or that your son is wrapped up in bed because he has the cold. Or that girl who’s three years younger than me and already pregnant with her 2nd child.

So, while I sit here and have a relationship with a giant bar of Galaxy, while soaking in a bubble bath, in a big-asse empty house and nobody has a clue what I’m doing…This is the way I like it. This is the way it’s going to stay. This is me, my life, and nobody needs to know every single little detail and achievement. 

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