The Killing


I finished off the Netflix original series The Killing last night.

I must say after going with these two characters all through the four season (as incredibly short as they were) I didn’t care much about Sarah Lindon, not even the tinniest fraction of my heart felt anything towards her. I just didn’t care, she rubbed off me the wrong way and the actress (as much as she did her best) just didn’t connect with me, as an audience.

Stephen on the other hand. I loved him from the get-go, and he is the main reason why I kept watching the series. The actor Joel Kinnamon was amazing, and I just loved him. Everything about his performance was just perfect. He really got the character for me.

I was actually shocked at the ending, that Stephen Holder and then Sarah Lindon, who we have spent hours watching drive around seattle and downing coffee-after-coffee, as that unstoppable Seattle rain pounded on the roof of their car. We got an ending that wasn’t even an ending. They should have either gone down in a fire of bullets, or got the respect that they deserved. What we, as the viewer got, was probably the worst ending I have ever come across in a series.

I was beyong shocked, I was sure my Xbox was messing up and not letting me click onto the next episode. But, there was no other episode. That was it. These two characters who have been through so much and have gone through the perils of being two partners, and they don’t get a decent ending. They don’t even get to kiss, not even a romantic kiss. There was chemistry there that nobody else in the series came close to, I noticed it early on and I always thought they’d end up together, or even if they didn’t, to acknowledged that it would never work between them. But we don’t, we just get a few chuckles and then a hug.

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it was over. That everything we as the viewer went through with these characters, and we get such an awful and uninspired ending was a slap in the face.

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