That Dreaded Word Count

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As a writer that has gone from quality over quantity to quantity over quality all because of Nanowrimo; I have spent months-to-years scrounging the internet for every-single-method of getting that word count up on a daily basis. 

Few that I have found, that might be of help to someone are… 

The sticky note method. Where you write goals on each sticky note (i.e. 250, 500, 1,000) going from small-big. You rip off the sticky note whenever you get to that goal, to find another one underneath.
(this didn’t work for me, there was no motivation and the notes just hung on the side of my laptop until they fell off on their own) 

The word sprints. Where you set a goal in five minute -1 hour sections. (I would do one word sprint, think I’ve achieved greatness and would abandon my writing for the next few hours…or whole day.)

All-nighters. You know, busy lives and the only way to get some me-time when everyone else is sleeping. (I love my sleep. Coffee doesn’t do squat to me, so it’s physically impossible for me to stay up any later than 2. Unless I’m out that is)

Having goals like 5k or 10k per day. (They’re so far away I would be better of hiking Everest.)

The only thing that has worked for me, so far. After years of writing is…

To aim for the same small amount for each chapter. Right now, I’m aiming for 3k. (most of them have 1.5-2k already written). Once I reach 3k, even if the chapter isn’t finished, I go onto the next chapter. I then chose which one to work on depending on my motivation. So I’m more focused on the chapters rather on my actually word count for the day. It has worked so far, and I’m getting the book finished by doing this. I know I have to go back and finish off the unfinished chapters, but I can happily print a proof copy with 3,000-word long chapters. They’re not too small that they hold no meaning, but they still need padding up. I can feel confident on each chapter and how each one is going to shape up.

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