Supernatural Season 10 pre-thoughts.


I saw the promo of season 10 last night, but I thought I should sleep on it and have a re-watch before writing down my thoughts.

hate this show so much. Dean is a demon, a dark and twisted soul. But the writers of SPN completely forget about it, and turn him into season 1 dean, just multiplied by 10.  I’m not a happy camper.

I mean, he’s got the first blade, the bloodiest and darkest weapon known to mankind. His soul has been twisted into a demon, do you see all other demons going to partying like they wish they were back in their college years? No! So what the frick makes Dean any different? Honestly, it should have been dark, it could have been great dark and twisted. The majority of the storyline would have been the same: Sammy chasing after Dean, but always coming up short. Dean beating the crap out of people and bodies dropping left-right-and-centre. It could have been so twisted, but no the writers have to make it comedic.

Lets just think about it, do you honestly see Cain when he first became a demon, going to strip clubs and living life to the full? No! You see him gutting out whoever crossed him, and ruling the First Knights and hell, causing complete devastation wherever he went.

Oh, I give up on this show.

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