The Road to Publishing

Finally printed the manuscript!!!


It’s finally printed. 

Here’s the timelines of this stupid novel that has taken 5 freaking years to write.

– original idea for 2009 Nanowrimo

– only got to 7k before dumping the idea, and abandoning it for the next year.

– Started again for 2010 nanowrimo.

– Made it into seven books

– then back to three books (it’s still three)

– it has gone from pure crap to something that resembles a book.

– it has been through so many edits and revamps, that in total i have written 170,000 words on book one alone.

– at the very end i decided to put the second book (of a supposedly 6-book series, into the end of this book, and it has turned out 1000 times better.

– I have cried on my own and in front of a room full of people (after losing the whole book off my usb and thinking it was gone).

– I have had writer’s blocks for weeks on end.

– I have been told numerous times to give up on it, I have had fights with my mam when she told me to give it up. I stuck to my ground and kept plodding through.

– even though I hate it, and I am dreading having to read over it in this first edit, I know I’ll get through it. It’s been too much of a struggle to get this far to just give up. It is crap, I know that, but this is my precious baby that I will make pretty and shiny, and nothing is ever set in stone.

So, if you read all this, and you’re a writer. If you’re going through a rough patch, either with writer’s block, feeling like your writing is shit, or people not believing in you. DO NOT GIVE UP, that is the worst thing you could ever do, and you will never forgive yourself for it. It has taken me five years to write this book(and people may laugh when I tell them), but this book has looked a numerous of different ways between those five years(one of those years I didn’t write it). There were times I wanted to call it quits, that it was a total mess and I just wanted to start afresh with a brand new idea. BUT, I persevered, and this is my baby I have spent hours upon hours over. I didn’t give up on it or myself (even though I wanted to ram my head through the wall some days), you shouldn’t either, you’ll get there eventually.

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