Supernatural 10.01 ‘Black’


Rating: ★★★

Howling at the Moon

Okay, so for a premier episode, this episode was lacking. Compared to season 9’s premier, which had the hospital being shaken by angels, Dean being bet to a bloody pulp, and Sam on his death-bed. Black didn’t have such a punch.

Character-wise it was loaded and was much better than last seasons, but action-wise it wasn’t. First thing first, they tried to get everything into one episode, and I know why they would do that, but i felt like too much was being taken on.

Also, is it just me? But, I really wanted to see Sam’s and Castiel’s reaction when they first met up after Dean died, and Sam having to tell Castiel that he’s gone from the bed. That was what was running through my mind for the whole summer, and we didn’t get it.

Why was the note by Dean still on the pillow? It’s been four weeks, common sense would have had Sam going into the room and tearing it apart for clues, he would have seen the note WAY before now.

It seemed a bite jumpy, one minute Crowley and Dean were in the bar, then at home, then back in the bar and everything seemed to happen ‘just because’.

I don’t get how if killing people makes Dean less of a demon, why would Crowley keep sending them his way? Wouldn’t he want him to be less human? Confused!

I like the fact that Dean warned Sam about looking for him, and him sticking to his word. It shows the subtle and dark change in Dean’s character. But that he will still get payback if Sam dies. That is the Dean we all love and he’s still there.

We also saw the majority of this episodes through photos and clips in the weeks building up it, so they really did not leave a lot for the viewers to find out. I just wanted a bit more from a premier.

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