Brick Mansions

Brick Mansion

Rating: ★

The truth is I only picked this up because I didn’t like anything else, and I knew Paul Walker usually plays in decent movies.

What the hell has happened to good movies??!  It was a really bad movie; riddled with cliches and stupid scenes that you could see from miles off.

Here’s a list..

– They run out of bullets in the most convenient times for the antagonists.

– People cannot aim for SHIT

– There was one character that was just put in for a fight with the two characters.

– The main character finds out that Walker’s character, Damien Collier is a cop…just because he does.

– There was a female-on-female fight to please the male audience.

– The two main characters; Lino and Damien, are hiding in the bus, knowing a group of men are standing on the outside ready to shoot them, Damien tells him to stay down…and of course, what does (name) do? He stands up, just to get another explosion of gun fire into movie, and by the end that is what it felt like, that everyone around the drawing board was like ‘let’s see how fight scenes and bullets we can set off in this movie, forget about the storyline and character development’.

– The writing was cliche. One example was there was the mayor and two other guys sitting around, and one asks “What’s that?” on a map of all these buildings and he sees this tiny little missile, just because he has super eyesight, and just for the other guy to tell him (and the viewers) that it’s a missile that we’ve already seen a few times in the movie…this is bullshit storytelling at its finest.

It didn’t even have a strong plot, it was just filled with fight-among-fights and car chases.

The two main character didn’t even have a strong bond. They didn’t know each other and they were hitting each other one minute, and then they were in synchronised fight scenes. It just didn’t feel right.

Even my friend who I was watching it with, couldn’t believe how bad it was and turned and asked ‘did I spend my money seeing this in the cinema’…it was really that bad, I wouldn’t spend seeing it again. Thank god I got the rental for free.

-Sigh- I really wanted to like it because of Paul Walker, but I wish he picked better movies.

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