The Walking Dead 5.01 ‘No Sanctuary’


Rating: ★★★★★

Okay, Okay. I got to warn you guys. I am a MASSIVE Walking Dead Fan, I mean is it my all-time favourite television show and I am going to be gutted whenever it finishes.

We get it a day after the US, so that’s why I’m slow on the posting.

The premier was as amazing as every other episode of the show. I love the way gory shots happen when you least expect them. So if you’re happily enjoying your favourite snack, you’re quickly lose your appetite. And even though you’ve seen every single episode, you still end up peeking out of the top of your top/jumper.

One thing that I noticed, nobody points or even says that the people in Terminus are a bunch of cannibals or that cannabilsm is taken place. Only for the obvious signs of the meat and people being hacked to pieces on slabs of steel tables. Being a vegetarian it completely creeped me out seeing the torsos being hung like beef and to watch people getting their throats cut the way sheep do; it was really disturbing. Maybe they didn’t want to specifically state that they had touched the taboo subject, but a character should have made a passing comment.

I feel slightly put out at how quick it all happened- because last season (if i remember correctly) they built Terminus up for such a looong time, that it was over too quick and I was hoping for at least two episodes in the place. It was like, this amazing place we’ve been searching for for months and we’ve finely found i- oh bye! 

There was one little detail that got to me- that the minute it happened I just sighed to myself. Was when Carol was standing on the outskirts of Terminus and shot the tanker followed by a firework. I’m sorry, but plopping a firework in the barrel of a gun and not aiming it, means that there is no way in hell it’s going to hit the target…but guess what? it hit the target.

I love Rick and Daryl, they have such an amazing chemistry together, and they will always have each others backs. I love those two together. Bromance!

My final thought are that the premier was amazing. With The Walking Dead I end up waiting for the following week to see how they can top the previous episode, and this episode is a tough one to beat, but I know they will, because they usually do. Now, I just have to wait for next week to come around.

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