Supernatural 10.02 ‘Reichenbach’


Rating: ★★★★★


So Before seeing this episode, I honestly didn’t know what the expect, just that Sam get’s tortured. Escapes and meets up with Dean, and most likely he somehow captures Dean during their confrontation…


Okay…so I was right. Just a little detail that I noticed, isn’t Cole supposed to be in his early 20’s. I’m sorry, but that man looks OLD. I love the character by the way, because I actually really feel for the poor man. He spent his whole life thinking about Dean and probably having nightmares and behavioural issues and it all fell apart when he finally met him…poor guy.

cole gifI really liked that fight scene. Dean showing Cole what he was was awesome, but now Cole is going to come after Dean thinking he’s a demon, and his head is probably ticking over rationalising why his father died, and why a twisted, blood-thirsty demon just happened to stumble into their home.

I preferred this episode than the premier, that isn’t even a contest. Reichenbach was miles better.

dean gifI liked the addition of Dean doing the deals, and if he kept the Blade long enough I could see him doing his own deals and seeing them through, or if the blood-lust got too much, just skipping the rules and going to collect his reward early. That would have been so cool to watch. So, I’m actually quite sad…this is the end of demon Dean, I was actually getting to love that dark and twisted part of Dean, and I’m still craving to see more. But Sammy had to step in and stop the whole thing. I wanted him to beat Crowley’s behind and to get his own group of demon followers, but that was me wishfully thinking.

I don’t get why Metatron was in a straight-jacket. I mean…why? He’s an angel of the lord in a tiny cell without any powers, what is he going to do that needs to tie him up in a jacket? It seemed off.

Oh and onto the character Hanna. We saw that even before the series started, a little shove from a side character to get a relationship with Cas, or to acknowledge it. I hope it doesn’t happen. Cas doesn’t need her and he doesn’t need a love interest right now when his focus is on the Winchesters. I know its not going to happen, because Hanna ends up dead, but why even put it in? I mean, come on writers! Be more original.

I like the fact that Cas has resigned himself for a dead man, he doesn’t want to kill more angels or hurt anymore people(even though he doesn’t want to die), so he’s just coasting along, waiting for the time he croaks it. There’s something so peaceful about him.cas gif

Especially the scene where he was lying on the sofa…poor baby. When Hanna walked over to him to put the jacket over him, I honestly thought she was going to kiss him -cringes-cas gif

The way this episode was put together was much better than the first and the story lines ran smoothly, it didn’t feel so jammed pack with people or that certain scenes were put in just for the sake of it.

Anyone else notice? There was no music at the start of Reichenbach…

It was an awesome episode. I don’t want to let go of demon Dean though…just look at him…

dean gif

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