The Walking Dead 5.02 ‘Strangers’


Yep, it’s still my all time favourite programme!

So, from the talk between Karl and Rick, anyone else get the strong feeling that pickle Karl is going for the chop? That was one of those ‘last speeches’ between father and son. I hope they don’t kill him. I hated him at the start of the show, yea, the start, when he was still young and baby-faced. He rubbed me the wrong way. But now, now I have a soft spot for him.

Also, that speech about going to DC to get the cure, anybody else have a feeling it’s just going to be a repeat? That they get there and it’s all gone or that the doctor doesn’t have a cure and is only saying it to keep himself alive? I just got a bad feeling about this.

Now onto the new character; the priest. I mean seriously?! It’s been going on for a year and he hasn’t had to kill a single walker? Please. Should have just let him die, he’s just going to slow the group down.

When Sasha and Bob started being all sweet and romantic and gushing over one another, you just knew one of them was going for the chop. Just don’t get close to anyone and you should make it out alive, it has become sort of a known fact in the zombie apocalypse. Yep, you had it coming sweetheart.

That ending must be one of the best and disturbing scenes in the whole show. -shivers-

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  1. I think D.C. may well not even happen any way! Just as they seemed to get a direction, a few other things were thrown in their path! Namely cannibals and kidnappers!

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