Supernatural 10.03 ‘Soul Survivor’


Rating: ★★★

Who else thought it was just…meh?

Okay, so from the get-go we all knew that demons could be cured with blood, but I always hoped because it was the Mark of Cain, it wasn’t going to be so easy to get Dean back to normal. For a second there, I really thought the writers were going to do something different, and I was like ‘yes! They didn’t take the easy way out’…but they did…bummer.

I know Dean isn’t 100% Dean, he’s still got the Mark, and are they going to go after Crowley? or get the First Blade back to kill him? I don’t know. From pictures of the next few episodes, Dean is still wearing black i.e. black shirt or a full on black suit and shirt, not exactly what old Dean would have worn, so hopefully it isn’t all daisies and he’s still twisted.

I like the scenes in the bunker in this episode, I felt like we didn’t get to see enough of that place and I like seeing it all as they chased one another.

Is it just me, or do the character don’t feel like their characters anymore? I mean, in other episodes when Castiel came in and saved Dean I would have been screaming DESTIEL. But now, I don’t feel it. Not even with the scene with the two of them in the room. I just don’t feel it. Even when Sam was on the phone to Cas saying he’s killing Dean…I didn’t feel a sodden thing. -scratches head- Maybe it’ll change because we’ll get some normality back from now in with Dean back on the scene with Sam.

I did like the scene with Sam and Lester with Sam shouting at him how to pronounce the words.  It’s a glimpse of the old Sam, where he use to correct Dean. A little moment that even though he was doing something bad (capturing the cross roads demon) it gave a glimpse of Sammy, who wasn’t so hellbent on saving his brother and revenge.

Dean said ‘she married the tattoo guy’ – eh, it’s only been, what? a few weeks at most, how the hell did the woman marry so fast? I know she wasn’t in love with lester, but holy hell that was quick!

Jensen was amazing in this episode. I love the way he talked and walked about the place. Most of his lines were brilliant:

“Firstly, I like the disease.”

“That sucks for you, doesn’t it? Because you really mean that.”

Oh, when Dean got changed back. He did not look like one happy puppy. Poor soul. Why is Cas leaving all of a sudden?! He could have stayed a bit longer, I’m sure Hanna would understand because all she hears is ‘Dean this’ and ‘Sam that’ out of Cas’ mouth. Sam asked you to keep an eye on him, not walk in, say a few words and leave. Stupid Castiel.

Usually the endings have a profound meaning, like last weeks “it’s the worst thing I could have done.” it makes you go ‘oooh’ and waiting for next weeks. I like that Cas wants Dean to take it easy, but it didn’t feel like a good spot to end the episode for the characters. (i know there’s another tiny scene after this one)

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