Maleficent (2014)

Rating: ★★★★

My friend was dying to see this movie since it first came out in the cinema (she is a full grown child) and loves everything disney. If I take out what I disliked about this movie (I’ll get to them later) this movie was AMAZING. Angelina was superb and I couldn’t fault her in any way.

The bads?

The actress, Elle Fanning, crumbled beside Angelina Jolie, her acting was just terrible and it really showed when beside an actress like Jolie. Really, it was the first thing that tore the movie down. They really should have gotten a better Aurora who had the acting chops to even remotely stand against Jolie. Even the way she spoke and moved was annoying.

The that accent from the character Diavel just completely threw me off. It sounded Irish, and I was convinced it was (I’m Irish, so I’m not giving out about the accent) but the actor isn’t even Irish. Now I’m sat here thinking…WHAT TYPE OF ACCENT DID YOU HAVE?? But whatever it was, it was off putting and…i don’t know, it didn’t sit in the movie.

I think that’s all I have to fault it in. It was a Disney movie and it had everything you would expect from Disney, love, death, good and bad, princess and kings. I just didn’t feel the whole Sleeping Beauty aspect of it, I thought that was going to be done a bit more, but it wasn’t. I know it’s movie about Maleficent, but seeing as everyone knows about Sleeping Beauty I thought it would have more of an impact or the scenes would be framed and set up differently.

I did like the ‘true love’ it’s modern and okay, probably if you’re not as old as me, you wouldn’t have seen it coming from a mile off, but it was a nice touch.

It just really failed because of Elle, it felt like a movie and I couldn’t get into it because of her acting. I really wanted to get into it and be taken into a whole different world and for the scenes where it was Maleficent I was, and I loved it, and then you got hit in the face by Aurora and it was like slam on the breaks…we’re back to watching a movie.

It could have been a perfect and amazing Disney movie, but because of the short comings from the character Aurora, it failed to live up to the hype. I was actually quiet sad about it, because I love Disney and I wanted to have a slightly dark Disney movie to love. I do love Maleficent and in the regard it trumped and everyone should see it just to fall in love with her character.

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