Supernatural 10.04 ‘Paper Moon’


Rating: ★

This was an odd episode.

I mean, it had none of the Supernatural spunk. I was a bit put out by it.

Most of it was taken up with people chatting, and there were a few times I wanted the storyline to move along a bit quicker. I’m probably not by myself with this opinion, but anybody else wanted to see more of what Sam and Dean got up to on the little break of theirs? I would have liked to seen a bit more of that.

It just felt like the episode skimmed over everything. Yea, I already got that it was someone she knew who was doing all the killings, (and for a second I thought it was going to be the demon we saw in the ending of the previous episode, but it wasn’t).

This is probably one of the most forgettable episodes in the last two series. Even now- after only hours of seeing it- I can’t remember it fully.

Everything was just off, there was not much going on with Sam and Dean, like they were talking, but it wasn’t the usually heart-felt conversations. Like when Dean says thanks to Sam for saving him, I thought it would have more of an impact they both went through hell, he turned into a crazy-killing lunatic and was set on not turning back to human. Sam also killed people, but they seemed to brush it under the carpet, even though they did bring it all up.

The editing also could have added a bit more drama to it, for example, the scene where Dean couldn’t kill the Werewolf, how about we get an insight in what’s going on his head? I just thought it was lacking with everything. Even the characters felt out of character.

I didn’t even mind that it had no Castiel, and I was hoping that in turn we were going to get old-fashioned brotherly bonding, but the episode just failed on all aspects.

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