Love/Hate Season 5 Finale


Okay, so I’ve watched Love/Hate from the very start. I wouldn’t say I’d be a huge fan, not until recently, and even now I have a few issues with the show.

BUT the season finale was AMAZING! The only thing is that I have a very strong feeling that Nidge (Nigel) played by the amazing Tom Vaughan-Lawlor isn’t dead. If Nidge is dead I’m not watching it anymore, sorry RTE.

Nidge is comedic gold that always has me cracking up. It’s probably the one and only reason I watch the show. Because the cops in the show I just can’t stand. I just hate the way they talk, like two nerds trying to be cool, it isn’t working and you just look like idiots. I’m pretty sure that everyday cops are told to talk properly and not like they’re from the rough-part of town. It’s one thing that I can’t stand and I hate when they’re on screen.

One character, Tommy, who’s played by Killian Scott had one of the easiest parts to play. Pretend to be asleep. For the whole season. I mean, I wouldn’t mind doing that. I’m trying to think back now, he didn’t wake up did he?? I mean, there were a lot of scenes in that room with him, I would have thought he’d come back to life in this season at some point.

The storyline is twisted than ever, and I had to hold back the tears when poor Janet paid the ultimate price of just knowing Nidge. I felt sorry for everyone involved. Poor Nidge’s face when he found out he had to kill her, I wanted him to run back home and tell her to hit the road before they came looking for her. Even though he’s a twisted gangster, he still has his loyalties (as long as you don’t cross him), and it’s one aspect I love about him. It makes him human and everything that happens so much more real and heart-wrenching.

Also that rape scene of the character Fran was disturbing to watch, and I read it took 8 hours to shoot. Poor sodding actors, I could barely stomach it while watching the (probably less than a minute long) clip on tv. I think that needed to be done for the character, because he was getting a bit too big for his shoes. Horrible as it was, I think it served for the overall character arch of Fran.

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