Supernatural 10.05 ‘Fan Fiction’ – Review


Rating: ★


Okay, so I don’t fall into the spazzing fanfiction-writing teenage fangirl category, and because of that- I HATED this episode.

I don’t like these Meta episodes. I never have and never will. I don’t like the blurring of lines and going ‘oh Sam and Dean are real in this other other world’, but aren’t in the ‘real’ world seen in the episodes and according to everyone they don’t exist.


Talk about giving me a headache and making my heart pang a little.

Television is supposed to take you on a journey and make you believe these characters are real and what they go through is happening, but these episodes just don’t do that for me. It’s more of ‘you don’t exist in this world’…i don’t know, it’s just so disjointed from the viewers that I can’t get into it.

I didn’t like Dean’s reaction to Destiel, or that Sam started saying ‘Sastiel’, you’re the biggest shipper of your brother and his ‘buddy’ angel.  I’m sorry but that was pure creepy and wrong putting yourself with Cas.

I liked when Supernatural was serious, with serious cases and in a whole different world (think back to season 1 and 2). I don’t like meta episodes and I don’t like the looks of the next episode. I think it’s just lost it’s spunk. It’s lost all the darkness, brotherly bonding, and serious monster-killing cases. I think they’re trying too hard to make it funny or light-hearted before they get back into the Mark of Cain, and I don’t like it one bit. I’m not saying not to be funny, the characters are funny with each other, but the way it’s being executed is just WRONG. I loved the first three episodes of this season, but four and five (and looking like I’m adding 6) can all disappear.

I’m going to keep watching, because I’m interested in what happens with Dean, but right now I’m barely holding on and for the second week in a row, I’m not looking forward to an episode. Which is never a good thing.

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