The Walking Dead 5.06 ‘Consumed’


Rating – ★★

The Walking Dead is slowly slipping.

It use to be each and every single episode was amazing. This season is not such the same story. The last two episodes weren’t up to par with what I’m usually expecting from the show.

Don’t get me wrong, I like all the side-characters and getting their backgrounds and the reason behind who they are, but TWD is starting to fall into the same life as other television shows…fillers….and more fillers.

I did like that Carol is becoming one of the badass characters of the show. I only watched season 1 last week, where she was a battered and abused wife with mousy voice to match or fragile-looking demeanour. Its a complete 360 turnaround to the badass gun slinging, zombie-kicking badass that has made her one of the shows strongest characters.

And…honestly…I can’t be the only one who sees that Carol and Daryl would make an awesome couple? I mean, the show probably will never go there, but even in earlier seasons I saw the two being together (remember when Daryl brought her the white flower? bam!) and they still haven’t. I do love the strong friendship they have with one another. But, they would totally make an awesome and badass couple.

There are parts of the episodes that I liked, like the shot of Atlanta City mirroring the shot from all the way back in Season 1, and how everything has changed in those years even with the same cars lining up in an attempt to escape the city. Then there was the Tank which Rick hid…hmmm…memories. I like the little easter eggs that they had for the viewers and it would have been a shame if you didn’t know they were there or never saw Season 1.

The episode had potential, but I think character-wise there was a lot between the two characters and how Carol ended up in the hospital I just found a bit off, but not much happened story-wise and it’s because of that that I have to give a low rating. The person who watched it with me, and who is usually a huge fan of the show, thought the same. Hopefully next week will be better. I don’t want another episode that felt like a filler.

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