Supernatural 10.06 ‘Ask Jeeves’


Rating: ★★


I don’t know what to think about this show anymore.

Supernatural I use to love- and I adored season 9- but season 10 is just falling to pieces.

Just before starting this review I forgot the name of the episode that I only just watched. That is never a good sign. So why didn’t they just call the episode ‘Clue’ and not ‘Ask Jeeves’?

I like the whole aspect of Dean going around he manor and picking up the weapons found in the Clue game board.

I did like that it wasn’t a ghost but a shapeshifter, but it just felt so ‘meh’. I don’t honestly know what is wrong with this episode. it just felt off in so many different ways. I liked that they brought Bobby back into it, but can we not have some John too? They seem to be bringing Bobby back an awful lot more than John since he’s died. I want John!!! I hope they’re holding off to make a statement with John reappearing either story-wise or in person (eh, ghost). I would love to see John’s reaction with the situation his boys are in, or just a nod to their daddy every once in a while would be great! And not just in conversation, but with the story. I MISS JOHN!

I like that the Mark of Cain is coming back into play now, when Dean pumped the round of bullets into the Shapeshifter, a lot more than necessary (she went down with the first shot). Sam’s expressions spoke volumes in this scene, as he stared up at his brother, at what he was changing into. Nobody knows what the Mark is doing to Dean, and in Sam’s head, Dean could have easily turned and planted a bullet in his brain. No wonder he was scared shitless sitting on the ground, poor Sammy.

Sam, you did the right thing and deserve a pat on the back for not side-stepping it, but facing your brother with the question neither of you want the answer too. Is Dean going Demon too fast for either of you to stop it? Dean on the other hand… you need a slap. You know something isn’t right, and rather than facing the prospect that something is coming back alive inside of you… you do what? You turn the radio up and block out your brother like you’ve been doing for the last season. Are you frickin’ kidding me right now?! After everything Sammy has done for you in the last episodes when you were being a douchebag of a demon, and knowing what you could easily become?? You block him out?!

If Dean doesn’t start opening up, the Mark is going to come back, and they are going to be back at square one all over again. But Dean you would have asked for it, because this is the time to open up about your feelings and to sort something out.

The episode, after the 200th, should have had a ‘brotherly moment’- but it just felt superficial- put in for the sake of a few laughs. Most likely in an attempt to get back to the old days, but it fell flat; because we’re so past the old days. We got Dean who’s come down from a demon high and Sam who’s been through hell looking for him after crying over his dead body, and now they’re back together, in one piece, nothing. Just the same-old, same-old. I know that is what the boys want, but most likely this isn’t how it should have played out. I don’t want another load of ‘Dean shutting Sammy out’ – I thought we were finished with all that.

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