Ireland and Graduates


If you have done a degree, than Ireland is the worst place to stay if you want to do anything with it.

I have been out of college for over a year, and I still haven’t nailed down a full-time job with the degrees that I have. I have been to numerous interviews that I don’t bother to count anymore.

I either don’t hear anything back after the interviews after I’ve done them, or they just don’t bother to get in touch. I only got two replies to tell me I didn’t get the job (two jobs that I really really wanted). The replies I usually get is either ‘I don’t have enough experience’ or ‘I’m too overqualified’. Yea, two extremes and just two excuses to not hire me.

I’m not working now, and being a creative person being stuck inside all day, everyday gets to me. I have thought myself script-writing out of complete boredom, so I’m writing a movie script. I’m also writings novels and trying to keep my blogging up.

People expect to hire qualified people, who have paid €40,000 on college, to work for nothing and then to pay to get to the job out of their empty pockets.

In college we are promised that it’s the best degree to go into and we were guaranteed a job with our fingers in all the different pies. But, except for some freelance work and fallen-through jobs, I have gotten nothing out of it so far. The same can be said about my friend who did the same degrees and is working on little-to-nothing now and not really why we went to college to go.

We both need to get out of Ireland, there isn’t much here for two journalists, with no spare change and nothing on the horizon. I get €120 a week, €50 of which is to my mam, and the rest is then used for the bus fares to go to these interviews and then random everyday things like bills and food (you know, the things they believe we can do without). I am usually broke by Friday afternoon (i get it on Wednesday).

People can’t live on nothing. I don’t know how anyone thinks this is okay. Yes, I know its supposed to be for experience, but if we’re doing a job while learning, then we should be paid for the job and for the hours put into said job. To then not be let go once the 6 months is up. We’re just easy to get and easy to get rid off; hassle-free sacking with no strings attached, to get another down-heartened graduate to do it all over again.

And they still wonder why we’re still fleeing the place like the plague has landed.

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