The Walking Dead 5.07 ‘Crossed’


Rating: ★★★

This wasn’t a bad episode. But the overall flow of the series has come to a screeching halt. If they went any slower I wouldn’t even be bothered.

Okay, so I’m sorry if I complain a lot and still try and look on the best sides of things. But there is so much wrong with this season but I still love the show and just wish it would get an injection of Adrenaline into its veins to speed the story along.

The first thing hat irked me this week was the fact that I was dying to see Beth saving Carol and getting her out of the hospital all by herself. I mean, that is the only scene that had me dying for this weeks episode….it didn’t happen. i mean, how did they even manage to get another episode between then and getting her out?…wow.

As always, Daryl was amazing, you don’t try and outsmart him or you’ll get your head smashed in by…another head. Badassery at its finest. That whole scene was amazing, I jumped and squirmed and bit my finger. Even though they couldn’t kill Daryl, because well…its Daryl. That whole bashing his head with the walkers head was just great.

I really think that Abraham’s crew, with Maggie and Glenn, need to get a move on. The episode picks up right after last weeks, and Abraham is still on his knees on the ground after his whole purpose of what he was doing that kept him alive, had been taking away from him. How hasn’t any walkers come out and attacked them yet? Seems odd.

I saw that the cops were going to escape the minute they were brought into he building, I mean how many times has the plot device been used on tv and movies. Can we not get a bit more original here? It was obvious the minute he started talking what was going to happen, he was going to make his escape. I don’t know, if I didn’t see it coming, I may have enjoyed it, but I did, and for that I just sat there watching it all unfold and not giving a damn when Sasha’s head slammed against the glass. Oh, I didn’t see that coming -please note the sarcasm-

The character of Father Gabriel is BORING. Omg, will someone just kill him. Okay, I get that he’s a religious man and doesn’t want to kill anymore. Also doesn’t want to be reminded of the blood spilt and is why he started to scrub the floor so violnelty and didn’t kill the walker that jumped out of the trees at him. But what is the point of him? Can he just disappear and be forgotten? I’m sick of listening to him whine and rubbing his fingers along the etched-in words on his church. GET OVER IT. I just hope that his bleeding injured foot attracts more zombies and gets himself killed.

One part of the episode that I thought was either badly written or badly acted was the character of Tara. A certain scene in the episode was just wrong, on the way it was executed and the line that she said. Even though it was just one line, and barely 5-seconds long, it stood out to me and I was kind of shocked that it even made the cut. Either she’s a bad actress and sticks out like a sore thumb, or the crew and writers were having an off-day. Now that I think about it, it may just be the writers because Tara then goes on to say after being told off for cracking a joke about the zombies, that it’s, “It’s not not not not funny.” -sigh- No, that’s not a mistake, there is four “not”s. I don’t think the writers know what to do with her, and it’s just coming off like a complete train wreck on-screen, and the character isn’t liable or even relatable onscreen.

It wasn’t a brilliant episode, it had it’s faults, such as the stupid lines and the plot that showed itself five-minutes before the events even happened. I think that the main characters saved it from sinking, but I think the writing is getting lazy and they need to get new ideas. But it’s the MIDSEASON FINALE NEXT WEEK!!! It’s going to be brutal and AMAZING!

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