Supernatural 10.07 ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’


Rating: ★★★

This is one of my favourite episodes of series 10 so far.

To start off this episode gave us the best damn speech from Dean EVER. (You probably know which one I’m talking about.)

With this amazing quote…

“I know how my story ends. It’s at the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun. So, the question is, is that going to be today? That going to be that gun” 

I LOVE Cole, that whole scene and speech with him and Dean I felt like crying. I wanted hug him and make everything all better.  I honestly didn’t think this episode was going to be his last. Going to miss him. Poor chap. It’s why I gave this episode 3 stars.

Hanna seemed a bit…ummm…odd. One minute she’s a full blown angel who doesn’t really give a second thought to humans, and then she’s stripping down and getting into showers. I think she should have more of a longer change around time and not done all in one episode. Also, her husband took her back way too easily. Mate, your wife just told you she’s having an affair and then you take her back without any questions asked?

The minute Rowena started talking, I knew who she was so the ending didn’t come as a surprise. Also, she’s a few hundred years old, so how the hell does she still have the accent? Crowley doesn’t even have an accent any more. I just found it a bit odd.

The episode didn’t feel like an episode. I don’t know, it just happened too fast with nothing really happening until Cole came into the scene near the end. I thought Rowena would have been a bigger deal, but she wasn’t.

Where does Sam and Cas get their wifi? Cas looking up Jimmy Novak on the internet didn’t make sense. The guy is dead, I know it’s setting up the episode with Claire, his daughter, but for Cas to google his vessel just because he saw the interaction with Hanna’s vessel and her husband just didn’t add up. What was he trying to gain from it?

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