The Walking Dead Midseason Finale



For a mid-season finale. The episode was crap.


I got spoilt 15 minutes before the show on who gets killed.

But I was still gapping with my hand on my mouth in total shock when it happened. It just kind of ruined it. I didn’t get it though, she knew the gun was loaded, so why did she even shove Officer Dawn Lerner or even go back to her, it all seemed so contrive for the whole shooting-in-the-head to have happened and nobody to blame

I didn’t care about her sister Maggie’s reaction, but Daryl’s reaction to the sudden death of someone he adores was just heartbreaking. This character who came in riding on his motorbike and being the big tough-ass arrow shooter that had the hardest upbringing finally had a close friend in Beth and saw her as the little sister he never could have and always thought he wouldn’t be able to love someone like he loved her.

I honestly wished the scene with him bringing her out could have been slowed down a bit, and a bit more emphasis on everyone’s reaction would have been great. Beth was the little sister in the group, the cute-girly type and not a hardened zombie-killer, she still looked like she had innocence and sweetness about her. But in the end it was her turn of character, her outlook on people that killed her, because she wouldn’t have given Officer Dawn Lerner a taste of her mind, but would have kept walking.

Beth was a main character. I wish her death had made more meaning. I know it’s a zombie apocalypse and everyone dies and death no longer holds meaning, but it does to the viewers and now it just feels like, even though we’ve lost a main character we still don’t feel the impact it has on the group.

I wanted to see more of Maggie’s reaction, instead of just collapsing on the ground, they were sisters. I know my big sister would completely shatter if I died, I wish it had the part of Maggie and Beth together. They haven’t seen each other in a very long time, and when she’s watching them all walk out of the building and searching for her sister, again the timing just felt too fast.

Also, what was the fricking point of Gabriel running back to the church and letting him in? That was so pointless. WHY is he still alive, he’s a pointless and useless character, I hate everything about him.

That is basically all that happened in the episode, a lot of standoffs with the two groups on rooftops and in corridors. A mid-season finale is usually 100 times better than this and leaves with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers wanting more. But this didn’t.

Everyone I’ve talked to about it are saying the same thing, so it can’t be just me.

This was the worst season finale ever, the only important thing that happened was Beth. The whole plot of TWD has come to a crashing halt.

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