Supernatural 10.08 ‘Hibbing 911’


Rating: ★★★★

This was one of the better episodes so far in the season.

We get to meet two old characters, one we have become very fond off, and I like that it was more about the two of them at the start of the episode. It gave the episode a different feel.

Jody Mills was super, I loved her in this. I loved that she told Dean she’s always there if he needs to talk. Its exactly what Dean needed to hear.

I liked that there wasn’t any Cas in this episode and no entertwinning storylines, I think the season is stronger when they follow the brothers and we’re not hopping from one group of people to the next. This episode was back to the good ol’ days and it felt like it too.

The whole Dean-not-feeling-the-mark thing, I think could have been done sooner. Like when they cured him, to get the audience in the preconception that everything is okay, that Dean is just being overprotective Dean, but they already made it obvious that it’s still affecting him. Also, he says that the mark isn’t affecting him, and then two seconds later touches his arm? I mean, what the hell??! What are we supposed to take away from that?! That either Dean is feeling the Mark and is just lying…again or he’s telling the truth but is just touching it to double-check that it’s still there?! -Sigh-

These two episodes are supposed to change everything for the season…but honestly I didn’t think this one did. Even if the Mark is effecting Dean, we already saw all that in previous episodes, and next week is the midseason finale.

So bottom line is; for being the episode before a finale, it wasn’t great. It didn’t set anything up. If they were going for the whole ‘everything-is-good’ type of episode, I think it should have been done earlier and got gradually darker as we got closer to the finale. Because now we’re going to get a total 360 from ‘everything is dandy and we’re just doing our job and lying to one another again’ to ‘everything is bloody and gory and Dean’s going to hell’. It’s a bit much to take in for just two episodes.

I just don’t think they handled the Mark very well, along with the brother’s constantly lying and deceiving one another, they can say something but their expression mean something else, and it’s just getting extremely confusing to figure out what the hell is going on with Dean. One week it’s obvious the Mark still has it’s hold, and then the next Dean is back to his old self without a mention of the Mark, and a filler episode just thrown in for the sake of it.  I wish they stuck a bit more closer to the main storyline. For example, the character Cole. All I’m saying is that he better come back into it, or his character, story-arch  and backstory was a complete waste of time.

But as a standalone light-hearted episode; I loved it.

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