Nose breakage and mayhem shopping.

First and foremost… I broke my nose. This is my first ever break! It’s a milestone! I spent the majority of my Sunday sitting in A&E just to have a ten minute consultation to let me know it’s broken. Today is being spend hunting down other hospitals to get it fixed sooner (they wanted me to wait another 2 weeks, because they only do it on Fridays and next Friday is booked out).

I wouldn’t mind if I was doing something exciting like rugby or horse riding or got into a bar fight…no, not me. Wait for it….

I did it in my sleep.

Yep, i broke my nose in my sleep and I tell you something it was so painful with blood pooling everywhere. You know when you’re still asleep and you’re turning over to get comfortable? Yea, I didn’t think the wall was so close and ended up smashing my nose against it. Painful as hell when it happened.

Also went to town yesterday…MAYHEM isn’t the word for what it was. This weekend (of the 8th) is when everyone from the north comes down to do their christmas shopping. I noticed them too; going to wrong way around streets, and asking if they can use their pounds. Why would you even come to Dublin and not have Euro??! Silly.

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