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Supernatural 10.09 ‘The Things We Left Behind’


Rating: ★★★

It just didn’t have the classical cliffhanger of a midseason finale…

I was waiting for the moment where I’m clinging onto every word and the show ends, and I’m left feeling like I wan to pull out my hair until the show come back on in January. Last season we has Kevin’s death and Sam going MIA, which is was a killer episode, comparing these two. This didn’t feel like a finale.

I don’t really care about the next episode, and can happily wait for January 20th, which didn’t happen last year. I was counting down the day for SPN to come back on Season 9. Season 10 is just falling short.

I liked the John Winchester story. That even after all these years Dean and Sam still miss their dad, that they still think about their old man even though so much has changed and they’re not the same people anymore. I honestly just don’t know how anyone could hate on John Winchester.

The last scene of The Things We Left Behind has Dean surrounded, outnumbered and out gunned. He had no other solution but to go out swinging (and killing everyone). From outside, Sam hears gunshots, it could have been Dean’s gun, but when Sam comes back into the room, we only see Dean with the knife and the bodies all have slashes and stab marks. So it looks like- Dean dodged the bullets, and in self-defence, and the blood-thirst of the mark- lost control for a minute.

But the season has been building up to this grand unravelling of Dean, and I think because of the emphasis that they placed on it, they should have shown the bloodbath that happened in the room, and continued to show it while paralleling it with Sam and Cas running back to the house. It would have had a much bigger impact than hearing two gunshots and then seeing Dean on the floor. And seeing as it’s a season finale, it would have stood out a bit more, and would place more emphasis on the MOC storyline.

I just think that they’re trying too hard to put a bit of everything into this episode, such as Crowley and his mother. As much as a LOVE Crowley and love seeing him, I don’t think it did this episode any justice. We could have done without seeing them until the next episode, with this episode just focusing on Cas, Claire and the boys.

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