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Self-doubt is creeping in…again.

I’ve been searching on-and-off today for agents and publishing houses to send this manuscript from book 1 to, when self doubt crept in and I have *looks up* four tabs opened of agents. It’s bout to turn midnight and I haven’t sent it to a single person.

This is horrible. I feel sick with doubt and fear. I wish I could get someone else to do it for me.

I wouldn’t be still writing if I thought I was crap, but why can’t I send off this stupid query letter. It was a struggle the first time, I just presumed it would get easier. But oh my god, it doesn’t. 

I know why people go on the self-publishing route now, this is just putting oneself through emotional and mental torture. I can’t wait till I get a rejection letter, I probably wont even flinch at it, and chuck it in the bin and carry on.

I’m calling it a day, after not sending a single e-mail off. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel brave enough to do it, but not today.

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  1. I started making a spreadsheet of all the agents I found that looked like they fit and inputting all the information there. Then it’s not quite as frightening, just data gathering, but you feel productive. Then when you’re ready to send, you have all the info right there and are all set, and can even double check online if you want to.

    That’s my method, anyway.

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