So, I’m actually getting really excited and really nervous about getting this guitar.

I’ve done a bit of research and I cannot wait to have it my hands and be able to start the struggle of self-learning. Right now I’m reading up on how to read tabs, and I’m getting bloody excited about the prospect of it all.

My dad wanted me to buy a guitar from Lidl so he can get buy me lessons as well….yea…nope.

I want a basic guitar. It’s looking to be an SX or Epiphone at the moment. One that I can work with it and wont sound terrible, I want one from a music shop that I can go into and get tips and info on what capos to buy and whatnot. (also read that the Lidl guitars are crap).

I want to squeal so badly. This is one of my best ideas in ages. I really want it in my hands, and I know I wont be playing it straight out-of-the-box, but I want to get use to it in my hands and just get my fingers comfortable on it, and just get rid of my fear of guitars.

I’m so tempted to ring him up and ask can I get it early. (he’s not here for christmas anyway).

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