I can smell christmas!


Shopping is over and done with now, just have to get something for my dinner, but presents and all are done. Yay!

I have to head to the doctors today to check this bandage on my nose because I think it may be coming off. I got caught in the rain yesterday.  The department of the hospital down the road from me (literally) only opens on Fridays, so I’ll end up driving to the other side of Dublin to sit in a waiting room for hours just to see a doc for five minutes to get it reapplied. Woo!

But, hopefully it doesn’t come to that. Because I don’t want to see another hospital. It also means that Christmas day is going to be spent at home due to the inability to go out in the cold with it. But I don’t mind, I can play with my guitar.

It’s also astonishing the amount of double-takes I get from people because of it. Seriously people, stop staring! It’s rude.

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