Personal Writing

I haven’t done anything in the last few days. No blogging, or writing or even playing with my new guitar. I’ve come down with the flue and all I want to do is roll around in bed for the whole day and not move.

Writing Update 
I’ve written 41,936 words for the whole year. That’s just what I’m able to count, so i technically don’t know the real number. It’s a bad number for a year’s work. But I did complete that stupid novel I’ve been struggling with for years. I’m going to try and get it to 50k before the year is out. Let’s see how it goes.
Personal Update 
One of my aunts and cousins on my dad’s side wants to go ice skating (i’m no good at ice skating, but it all depends if this stupid flue lifts by then). I think it’s this Friday we’re going. I’m also suppose to be going for a dinner on New Years Eve with them. I never do anything anyway for New Years.
Supernatural is coming back on tv on the 6th of January where I live, with season 8 and 9. YAY! It’ll do me till season 10 starts again at the end of January. It’s the only television show that I’ll watch, just because I want to see where its going. I’m not much of a tv fan and it’s the only show I follow and go out of my way to see. Don’t ask me why, it just is.

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