Wedding Wedding Wedding

I’m going looking at cars tomorrow for the wedding! But I have a fewedding ringseling it won’t be till Thursday that it can happen, because I still have to ring them up and book an appointment with the guy.

I also have to go looking for shoes and a suit for my mother because she’s in work and starting to panic. The wedding isn’t till June 20th, so we still have time, we’re not screwed yet.

The shoes for the bridesmaid are going to be horrible trying to choose, because we’re all really tall and have different tastes, along with different coloured dresses. We have a chat set up, so once we see a nice pair we just send a photo to one another.

At the weekend I got a savings tin for the wedding cake. I have €120 so far. Just another €600-odd left to go. Cannot wait for that cake, it’s so yummy, it’s all different layers with like chocolate biscuit and vanilla and my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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