Writing, coffee, and self-publishing



I’ve been doing a lot of researching for self-publishing. I don’t even know why I’m looking at it so early on. I haven’t gotten a rejection yet, I just got….blanked, which isn’t exactly a rejection. I’m probably looking because my brother (the impatient so-and-so) keeps bringing it up and saying that I should just publish them. I’m reluctant because I need some feedback and I want to see if they’re any good, I also don’t have the money to self-publish (for a decent cover etc). It would cost me about €500 to get the covers and to just get it up on it’s feet; that sort of money I just don’t have at the moment [probably a good thing]. I’m giving myself till May to get feedback, and to get the money, and to see where I stand with the whole thing then.

Writing Goal 

I’ve passed 7k on the new book yesterday, which isn’t bad but I want to get to 10k. It’s already in the early evening where I am, and people have to come home yet and drag me away from the computer, so if all else fails, I’ll try and do it while everyone else is asleep and I’ll give you guys an update tomorrow.

Other News

It’s SNOWING! [well, was] I brought my Husky, for a walk just so we could be out in it, but now I’m regretting it because my face is still numb and I’m dying for a hot bath to heat myself back up. I also just had a yummy coffee from my Christmas present; a professional coffee machine.

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    1. I’m not a fan of Smashwords (i don’t know why, just me being weird). I’m leaning more to lulu. A lot of stores use it, and I’m still not sure about Amazon. Thanks though. I just have to do a lot more research 🙂

  1. Try looking for freelance designers who can make the jacket/cover for your book. They might do it cheaper! You have to be on the lookout; you never know where and when you’ll find this person. 😉

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