Writing Weekend [Jan 16th – 18th 2015]

I’m making no progress on my new novel whatsoever. I’m too preoccupied with scanning my mail and overthinking what the publishers are going to say when they finally do get back in touch. That I spend hours aimlessly searching for a job or just browsing the internet while the niggling apprehension sits in the pit of my stomach.

This weekend, writing is coming first on my to-do list. Just two days. I can do this; without having a panic-attack or worrying about random things that stop me from writing.

Starting Count: 7,170

End Goal: 20,000

I’ve picked this goal because it’s not too insane that it feels undoable. I’m may not sleep tonight so I can get a good head-start on it.  I remember the days where I could easily write 7-10k in one sitting, where is that motivation gone to?! I need it back!

Writers!!! If you want to write with me over the weekend,  follow me on twitter and drop me a tweet. We can stay connected by that. I would totally appreciate not feeling so alone in this.

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