The Giver



I didn’t read the book, and honestly when I started writing this review I was shocked to see the cover of the book popping up on my searches. I would have not in a million years thought that such a book had a premise like this movie. (After selling over 10 million copies, I thought it would have been much more original)

The movie even had big names such as Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges, so that had me second guessing myself and sparked the little thought that maybe I was too quick to judge and it was a good movie. I know now I should have stuck to my presumptions. They’re usually right.

Even before I watched this I wasn’t too sure about the premise. It sounded like the same old Futuristic society; where everyone is controlled by some government and every segment of their lives are planned out.

It’s just the same rehashed idea, and no wonder it didn’t grab my  attention when it went into cinema. There wasn’t much of a plot. Just that they were assigned jobs, and the main character was giving the special job of being a ‘receiver of memories’… yea. Roll-eye moment.

Basically they wiped out all history and human feelings from their little world, and then there’s the cliche overdone trope of the ‘land that shouldn’t be touched’  but of course the MC has to go across this land and to get to the side of their known world to release all the memories he’s found through his job and give them all back to the people. And he somehow brings this baby along the way, through boiling desert and blizzards. The kid was another receiver, but everything lined up perfectly that he had to take the kid so he wouldn’t be killed. It was just too perfect timing and everything just slotted into places that it was one of those eye-roll moments.

One thing that irked me was everything was black and white, but as the Jonas learns about colours through these memories, all the colours in the world start popping back to life. I just didn’t like the effect.

There wasn’t a single original idea on any of it, and it didn’t have a big dramatic ending, just that everyone saw colour for the first time and looked off into the distance. There was no attacking of the government or people losing their heads, and then we see the MC and this baby walk off to a house.

If you’re over like 12, I’d avoid it at all costs.

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