Choosing A Book Title

I’m usually okay with choosing titles for my novels, and this series I’ve been working on have had the same title since the beginning. But I hate it so so so much, it’s so cliche and horrible that I really want to change it, but don’t know how.

The books is a series of three, so I need them all to be connected but all the titles I pick out have all been taking.

‘Twilight’ was one (but that’s a stupid vampire book), then there was ‘Divergence’, but it just sounds like Divergent. Then there was Eclipse, which is in with Twilight. I know it’s okay to have books with the same title, but these are really well known books, whether you like them or not, and I want my books to stand out by themsleves.

I need my book to somehow have an original title,  where when people go looking for it or go asking about it, my one is the only one that pops up, and because I’ve been writing them for 5 years now, their names are stuck and I need to shake them off and stop thinking about them as their titles.

Also, because it’s a series, I need them to be connected in one way or another so it’s even harder to think of anything. I know I don’t have any control if I get a house to take me, but it’s just sitting here and thinking about it is driving me crazy. What if I go indie? What the hell am I suppose to do then? Usually titles just come to me, I’ve never had to sit and think hard about it.

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