Supernatural 10.10 ‘The Hunter Games’


Rating: ★★★★

This episode had some of the best one liners. A great episode to start off the second-half of season 10.

We get back into the swing of things and the Winchesters are finally putting all their attention and energy into getting rid of the MoC. FINALLY. After spending the other half of the season avoiding the subject or hoping it would just magically go away.

I loved all the characters in this episode. I’m glad that Crowley doesn’t actually die, but I should have seen that coming SPN is known to twist the truth, and Dean going dark-side wasn’t what was happening at all. He was being attacked by two would-be murderers. But now onto the review.

Rowena and Crowley’s interactions with one another were priceless. I wonder would she go the full hog and kill Crowley for his place as king…eh Queen? Crowley voicing everyone’s thoughts from the get-go about his mother:  “Not a thing, you evil bitch.”

Rowena’s fun to have around and to watch her little ‘motherly’ going-ons in hell as she tries to take her son’s crown from the inside. I didn’t think I would enjoy her, and hated her from the start, but this episode changed me and I actually loved all her scenes. The only thing wrong with their interactions is that Crowley is way too clever to be outsmarted by his mother. When she pulled the hex bag out from under his chair, I was confused- I think checking for hex bags would come second-nature to Crowley whenever his mother is around, giving her history. It’s just not in his nature to let his guard down so easily.

Sam: “Because you’re a dickwad.”
Metatron: “But I’m your dickwad.” 

Yep, our favourite angel to hate is back. We get the usual Metatron talk of trying to be friendly, and I hoped it was not going to be all small talk. Thankfully it wasn’t and he stopped with the fake friendliness when he had to get down to business- trying to turn everything to his advantage as usual. But after killing Dean, Dean wasn’t having any of it, and went back for seconds by himself.

Dean is interacting differently than what we’re use to, he’s sombre and not talking. Not even cracking a smile for Cas when he shouts about texting and using emoticons; just walks off. It’s a breath of fresh air, because he’s not mopping around in his room, or faking a big laugh or a toothy smile to show the world he’s okay. He’s not trying to block people out or pretend he’s okay, because they all know he isn’t and it’s the first step in the road to fixing it. It’s how Sam could sit down with him and talk about the MoC and have an open conversation about it without either of them blocking one another out.

The Claire storyline was a bit rushed, how convenient was it that the first two people she talks to about Castiel and Dean were ‘killers’ and who were willing to kill this Dean Winchester for a complete stranger that they just happened to bump into and play a game of pool with? I felt sorry for Dean, he went to Claire to have a talk with her about killing her ‘father’ and helping her when he’s completely lost himself, and she was letting these two people axe and bash him to death. How messed up do you have to be to want revenge like that? Silly girl, you’re messing with Dean Winchester, he doesn’t go down that easily.

Bottom line? A great mid-season premier with great comedic liners from the characters, even when they’re all in the pits of despair or fighting their demons. I hope Sam gets more of a storyline; in this episode he was the communicator between everyone- filling Cas in on Dean’s wellbeing and letting Dean know about his thoughts on the MoC. There’s more to his character than that.

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