Writing Bliss

It’s 13:25 and I’m at 1,539 words for the day. Thank god that writer’s block is gone.

I kept myself awake last night thinking about it, and I’m just going to stop overthinking it and just write which is exactly what I did, and it worked wonders. I may have to go back and change it, but at least it’s written and I can move on with the story.

I love these days, but I know I’m going to be dragged away and I may not get to 2,000 words before tonight.

I’m hoping that I pull an all-nighter tonight and try and get the book close to 95,000 tomorrow. I would be delighted if that happened. I’m nearly at 87,000 words.  If some writers can get 15,000-20,000 in one night, I think I can manage 8,000.

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