Rating: ★★

Charlie’s back!

I liked the return of Charlie, but it’s not exactly one that I was looking forward to.

I knew it was going to be kind of a filler episode. The whole Mark of Cain is just getting a bit weird, like they’ve tried getting rid of it and searching every book they have. So why in the hell did they think that ‘the power to control it’ was for Dean to go on a healthy buzz? You knew the minute they said it it wasn’t going to work, so why would they even think it?

I’m lost at the moment. There’s like four shot of Dean looking at his hand. At the very end he looks down at it to see it’s all bloody and red from fighting Charlie, and then before the episode ends we get a shot of him looking at his hand and there’s nothing there. But the welts on his face are still there. I don’t know what to take from these shots. Was it just Charlie’s blood we saw on his hand or is Dean getting back some of the healing powers he had when he was a Demon? Or is Dean just checking out his hand to see the blood he’d spilled because of the Mark, and that he attacked one of his close friends? I was really confused. Usually it’s easy to tell, but these two shots just weren’t.

There’s nothing else to say about this episode. I’m looking forward for next weeks episode. We get to see 14-year-old Dean again!

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