SUPERNATURAL 10.12 ‘About A Boy’


Rating: ★★★★

Young Dean… Yay!!

I was looking forward to this episode all week, and it did not disappoint in the comedic aspect. It was perfect.

The one major boob-boo that I noticed was, at the very start when Teen Dean came through the door,  Jared’s Texas accent slipped through and I’ve never noticed it before.

I thought it was weird that Sam didn’t just notice it was Dean the second he opened the door.  He just said ‘yea?’ and just stared at him. I think I’d notice  straightaway if my 14-year-old brother knocked on the door. It was odd, they spent their whole lives practically living in each others’ shadow, he should’ve noticed him without a doubt from being around him his whole life. I don’t know, but that whole interaction of noticing who this ‘Justin Bieber’ was; was off.

I think Dylan did a good job as Dean- not a perfect job- but it was good. Teen Dean’s one-liners like  ‘no grass on the infield’ and his love for Taylor Swift was great.

I just wished that we got a bit from the other characters, this could have been a great comedic relief episode if we saw the reaction of Crowley or Castiel or even Jody with young Dean, like imagine if Sam had to dump Dean with Jody for a few days? Omg! I would have died with happiness. But, not a single other character was contacted in any form throughout the episode.

I did feel sorry for Dean about not wanting to go back to being old Dean and having the Mark. I wasn’t expecting that, it was a sad touch. That Dean would rather be a hormonal, pimple-faced teen and go through life again,  than what he is now as an adult.

The transition from Teen Dean back to Adult Dean at the end was really well done. It showed the contrast between the  stable young Dean and the murderous rage monster that Dean is now. It just hits you right in the face and right in the feels- then Dean kills two people without blinking an eye.

This episode felt un-Supernatural; it’s probably just me, but that’s what I got from it. Probably because Jensen and Jared just nail their characters so well together and it just didn’t feel the same without Jensen.

Also, Dean in a hoodie is too cute!!

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