SUPERNATURAL 10.13 ‘Halt and Catch Fire’


Rating: ★★

We’re back to the good ol’ Supernatural!

Okay, so there wasn’t much to take away from this.  Just that Dean has finally accepted his faith- that instead of going around in circles and hoping for a cure, he wants to be happy and just get on with life.  A little thug of the heartstrings for the viewers.

A few people gave out about the writing in this episode was bad, because they go down to the basement for safety and there’s no signal down there and then the ghost pops up on a phone that just happens to be there. Yea, I thought it was the wifi that he was possessing, so technically he couldn’t have been on that phone when Dean and the girl were there. Someone made a boo-boo.

Did anyone think it was really creepy of Dean to be into college girls? I’m sorry, but he’s a grown ass man…a really good-looking grown ass man…but there comes a time where that just turns pure creepy, and I think the time has come. I hope they stop writing him like so.

I know this season is about inner-monsters and inner struggles with the boys. I think the writer’s are failing if this was the whole concept. They should have had it more darker and more physical or mentally darker characters. If it was, it should have been more focused on the Mark taking hold of Dean and Dean going back  dark-side. They even hinted on Dean being the Big-Bad, but if he was the big bad, I would have wanted to have his second-round happen already. Instead, we get these stupid going-nowhere episodes with a little conversation at the end about how they’re going to deal with the Mark.

I would have liked for Dean to have been cured [like the beginning, the beginning of the season was great]  to then be okay for an episode or two while they struggled to find a  cure, to then slowly start to lose it and till he figures out who [either Sam or Castiel] to be his rock. To turn back into a Knight of Hell and for whomever of the two to finally save him. Now, that is what it sounded like they were doing, and that would have been a MUCH better season, but they didn’t. Now, their pussy-footing around the whole subject. Next week we get the return of Cain andy according to some  articles, the mark is going to be gone. Just like that.

Absolutely nothing is different this season, just more of the same ol’ thing and they could have taken the Mark of Cain storyline, and ran with and have a twisted and dark Dean.

Maybe the articles are wrong and when Dean kills Cain the Mark is still there, and they’re just bidding the time to make Dean the Big Bad for the season. If they did, then this season will be awesome, but I don’t think they are and I’m not holding my breath for it.

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