Supernatural 10.14 ‘The Executioner’s Song’


Rating: ★★★★


loved this episode. It isn’t as explosive as I thought- the whole fight with Cain- but it’s not the finale, so it’s understandable. I loved the way they brought him back and how it all went down.

That mass gravesite was AMAZING. I love that we got the see the innocence of a teddy bear in the middle of it all, that one of those graves there held a little kid and it showed the brutality and at what lengths Cain was going to to kill all these families. Kids that couldn’t have possibly have a murderous bone in their body, it was just ‘incase’ they did. To clean them out now.

The whole turnaround of Cain getting back in the game because Dean came to him wasn’t something that most fans had thought off. So I have to say bravo to the writers, it was an amazing plot twist.

And….Demon Dean is still alive and kicking!!! It wasn’t finished [one of my fears going into this] and now Dean’s just killed the only chance he had of saving himself. [turning out to not be anything], because Cain had to live with it of 300 years, and then it still took hold of him in the end. I LOVE it. I hope this time around he goes dark, I mean darknot what we got at the beginning- of sleeping around and singing karaoke- but blood-thirsty and deranged, and getting more Demonic powers.

The only thing I’m worried about now, is if Charlie comes back with a cure. I’m going to lose my shit altogether. The Father of Murder couldn’t find a cure for it in hundreds of years,  I just don’t want them to have Charlie find one in a  matter of weeks/months.

And last, but not least. The one thing in this episode that I didn’t like was about Dean’s story being the opposite of Cain’s. It didn’t sit right. It isn’t exactly the opposite because they bought got the Mark in desperation to save their brother. And Dean will- in most likely hood- kill Cas and Sammy, but he could have said it so differently that didn’t make it feel like the writers were trying desperately to tie it together. That’s my only little annoyance of the episode.

Now fans have to a WHOLE month for the next episode…

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