Annabelle [2014]


I don’t know how to mark this movie. So I’m going to leave the marking system out of this one.

I wanted to see Annabelle the minute it hit cinema, because I think there is something about dolls that scare most people, and the majority of people will have a scary story to tell about a certain doll. I thought it was going to be dark and jumping-out-of-your-skin scary. What we got was a water-down, not-even-there story of a couple and their baby with a certain demonic doll.

I was gutted. I waited months to see this movie, I was ready to be scared-out-of-my-wits and needing to sleep with someone the night after- it didn’t even come close to it.

The connection of Annabella and The Conjuring only clicked when I sat down to watch the movie and I was brought back to the doll in the case. GREAT. It’s based on real events! It’s going to be amazing… In the end, I think the problem with this movie was the fact that it was based on real events. It was interesting, but it wasn’t really horror movie material.

Most people who go to see ‘horror’ want to be scared and want to literally wet themselves in fear or hide behind their hands or jackets. This just have anything to make it a horror movie.

The movie itself didn’t really go anywhere or get any darker. We get a lot of flickering lights, and the doll’s body moves, and quick shots of ‘the devil’ or shots of dead people. But it didn’t have me digging my nails into the sofa, or sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation. It just felt off. I don’t know, I don’t think it was appropriate for a movie, I would have liked it be a documentary.

It  was a massive pity, because this was one of the movies I’ve been waiting to see for a while now, and it just didn’t live up to the hype.

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