The Walking Dead 5.11 ‘The Distance’


Rating: ★★

I wish everyone would just chill.

Rick is paranoid, which is understandable with what the group has been through as a whole. As a character I’m finding him very annoying lately, that everyone turns to him for answers. I mean, He punches an unarmed man just because. He had no good reason for the right-hook to the face. It was all coming out from his paranoia. Why didn’t someone step in and stop him before the guy got punched?  I just want someone else take the reigns, so I loved that Michonne stood up to him and took the power away from him when he was outvoted about going to see this community.

I already read spoilers before seeing this episode, and way back in last weeks episode about the new character Aaron being gay. But OMG people it’s the 21st century, get the hell over complaining about gay characters!! I LOVE the fact that he’s gay and that we met his boyfriend and he wasn’t dead. But you just know one of them is going to die soon, because you can’t have a good thing in The Walking Dead universe.

Rick has already mentally lost it before now, and he’s starting to question everything, but so has the some of the others. So why the hell does the group give him so much say? Why not be an actual group and make decisions together.

This episode was bad. It was a filler, period. It felt like a filler and it had everything that has to do with being a filler episode which is- NO story progression. Taking the whole episode to make one trip and to introduce a handful of new characters.

The whole part of Aaron hating apple-sauce. I mean, REALLY?! What the hell is this shit! The guy has spied on them, know them by name, and brought Judith apple-sauce to stop her from crying and attracting more walkers, and now he wont take a little mouthful of apple-sauce because he dislikes it. It just came across as childish or either the writer failed at an attempt to build suspense and ended up making a mockery of the characters.

I can see the finality of the episode, they’ve finally coming to a ‘safe haven’. After canabilism in the last community they tried to join, and then before that it was the unforgettable Woodbury and The Governor.

The sound of kids laughing and people talking from the other side gives hope that this is the end of the search. Doubt it is though. But I wouldn’t mind if this is the ending of their journey, because then we could get onto trying to find a cure and not somewhere safe to stay. I do love The Walking Dead, but the storyline is starting to wear thin.

As a last note. The FX team really pulled out all the stops in this episode. I absolutely loved that sequence of smashing through eh zombies in the car and the blood squirting all over the windows and headlights.

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