Boyhood [2014]



Before watching this movie, I didn’t read the synopsis, so I went in completely blind. I wish I didn’t.

I was waiting for the movie to pick up form the very start, when would the boy change? when would he go on a killing spree? or when would he start causing trouble? I’ll stop the questions now, the answer to all them, he doesn’t.

It was the most pointless movie I have ever seen. Half-way through it, I had a feeling it was the movie that took 12 years to make, basically because the characters were the same people and the storyline was nonexistent.

You waste 3 hours watching an ordinary family living an ordinary life. The mother and father split when the kids are young, and the realism in the family dynamic forces you to get hit in the face with your own family, the father is exactly how father’s are and so is the mother. The actors both did a great job in conveying it to the audience, that I was felt a little uneasy because the father goes on exactly the same way as my own. This is the only thing I enjoyed- for the first hour of the movie.

Then it kept dragging on, and you just keep watching in the hopes that something happens or there’s a big twist, but there isn’t. There isn’t any major storylines to pull it along and make it engaging, we’re just left watching the family live day-in and day-out, struggling with money and family issues and doing every-family things. That’s it.

When the movie ends I was left very confused and not in the least bit satisfied. Honestly, we live our lives, we don’t have to waste 3 WHOLE HOURS watching it being conveyed to us through the television. Movies are suppose to transport us into another world where we get to fantasise- not sit watching what we are living. It’s bizarre that anyone would even think this is a good movie, and probably because everyone was talking about it is the reason why I picked it up. There wasn’t even an ending, I was left really really confused.

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