Personal diary

I really need a personal diary, both for myself and professionally. So I need two.

I really wanted to get the Filofax Original in Red and Black, but I just can’t justify paying that ridiculous amount of money on a binder. I know it’s good quality, but I’d be looking at €150 for the two, and that’s not including pens and accessories I need to get to keep everything in check.

I am in dire need of help here. Does anyone know where I can get an original Filofax for about €40-€50 each? or any alternatives?

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  1. Ebay is pretty good for pre-loved Filofaxes. Personally, I love the Paperchase brand organisers, but they’re quite hard to get in the US I understand. Kikki-K are a very popular brand over there, but hard to find over in the UK.

  2. Yea, I’ve been stalking Ebay every-single-day now, but I haven’t gotten anywhere. 🙁 I’ll keep trying.

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