On the Lookout for a Leather Diary

Okay, I’ve been running around circles for the last few days trying to get my hand on a  Filofax Malden. But to no avail.

I’m now thinking I should go to flea markets, just to see if I can pick something up, but I doubt I would and would be just wasting my time.

I really wanted a generic leather binder that didn’t have a brand pasted all over it, but Filofax is the closest thing I’m looking for.

Does anyone know of either a 3-ring or 6-ring binder for sale? I just want to vintage-ey look. The only thing is that it has to be brown, no matter the shade, I just prefer it.

Cheers! xx

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      1. I really appreciate your help! But it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve come to the realisation that- sadly – an ocre one with a reasonable price tag is very hard to come by. The cheapest I’ve found is €110.

          1. just found one for £57.99. Still a bit steep as it comes to €85, but it’s probably the cheapest I’m going to get…should I go for it?

          2. Depends on how much you want one 😛 That does seem to be about the lower end of the going rate for them, and if you know it’s exactly what you want then it seems like a good idea. And if it turns out to be not what you want, you know you can sell it on, probably for more

          3. I just bought my first filofax!!! I’ve been searching for days and haven’t come across one that I can just buy like that and so cheaply. Your comment about selling it on put me in a more peaceful mind. That if it doesn’t work out I can still sell it and make a profit because they’re hard to come by over here [Ireland]. I’ll post some pics when it comes 🙂

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