The Walking Dead 5.13 ‘Forget’



Last week’s episode ended with an amazing cliffhanger and left us on the edge with anticipation…

Where our favourite characters really turning into the bad guys? Was this weeks episode going to be a major turning point where they go evil and there’s no real distinguishing between who’s good or bad anymore? The answer is, not yet.

As standalone episodes, this season isn’t working. An episode by itself should have a climax and move the story along at a nice pace. We just seem to have come to a screeching halt.

This episode brings up an array of questions from the very start. One of the first is a walker that comes out with a ‘W’ branded into it’s forehead, we do not even have any inclination or mention of anything that could possible relate to this, and this is only the start.

In total Walking Dead fashion, we knew the second that poor horse came onto the screen Buttons was a gonner. No matter how much we wanted it to live. The poor thing was dead.

The only redeemable feature of this episode was the party scene. It was unnerving to see how everyone in the community still talked about normal everyday things, and talked about food or book club, like nothing was happening outside the walls. Most people in that situation would lose the head like Sasha, and I don’t know how the rest of the characters even stomached it.

Sasha’s boiling point was when a woman offers to make her favourite dinner and makes the mistake of saying she worries she’ll make her something she hates.

“That’s what you worry about!” Sasha yells at her.

I know the first thing that most people think is that the group really need a shrink in Alexandria, but I doubt any of them would even talk to one. Imagine trying to get even one of the to open up about their past? Good luck!

Carol plays on her feeble and shy-appearance and it is awesome. She is a totally different person than at the start of the show and just highlights that fact in this episode. That she can now turn on her ‘old’ invisible self and used it for her own gain is just amazing character-development. It brought us right back to the start with the the bunch of women washing clothes beside the lake and [name] couldn’t even speak up against her own husband….oh what fun times!

Now onto the black sheep of the bunch…I feel for Daryl, he’s always been an outsider, and he’s still trying to stay out of the party. Until Aaron and his partner Eric invite him in for spaghetti, I don’t know if he’s warming up to the people in Alexandria or he just chose to easiest option- of free food, and in turn get’s to fix up a new bike that Aaron just happened to collect parts off. This part seemed a bit contrived. How could he possible pick the one character that lived on a bike. Oh I cannot wait to see him back on a bike!!

During the dinner, Carol uses her invisibility, to sneak out of the party and to the pantry that she was given access to to make cookies for the kids.

This is the part where I started hating these people, they’re so naive in what is happening outside the walls. First, they chatter with no regards to their new guests and now they don’t guard the pantry of food, guns and goodies such as chocolate. That nativity means that they deserve whats coming to them.

The whole idea of the kid sneaking after Carol because ‘he thought she was making more cookies’ was so contrived. Carol is a killer, her senses are wired for the tiniest of sounds, and by the looks of it- this stupid little kid manages to follow her- and climb through the window without being noticed?! I mean, come on!!

What follows is a creepy interaction between the two, Carol emphasising that she is cold-hearted killer and tells the kid she could easily tie him up and leave him to be eaten alive or he can keep his mouth shut on what he saw [her taking the guns], before giving him a nasty and creepy smile. Just confirming that the group has turned into the bad guys and that the people in Alexandria should be worried.

I like the interaction between Rick and a blonde married woman named Jessie. I thought it was going to feel weird or forced, but it doesn’t. But I honestly don’t know the reason behind this. If it’s genuine or if he’s up to something. Because after the party Jesse shouts over to rick, the two smile and show off the stamp that Jesse’s son has put on their hands confirming that they’re apart of Alexandria [as a kiddie thing]. Jesse’s husband puts his hand around her and Rick reaches for his gun…

What are the thoughts running through his head? What the hell is going on?

The weirdness of this episode continues till the very end.

A upbeat happy song that we’re not use to hearing in The Walking Dead starts playing as Rick walks up between two houses, towards the wall. He reaches out to it before leaning up against it; a walker bangs against it on the other side. Maybe this is him finally realising that a wall has taken his job of having to protect his group. That he can finally relax, or it could be the thing that is keeping him apart from the world he has gotten so accustomed to. This scene is shot straight out of a romance, with a couple on either side of the wall.

It’s a weird episode.  I don’t know what to take from any of what happened, all the characters’ heads are messed and so is mine!

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